Establishing Your Legal Rights As A Mother Or Father

From my law offices in Hollywood and I represent mothers and fathers throughout South Florida who want to protect and exercise their parental rights. A father may need to establish that he is the biological and legal father through a Petition to Establish Paternity so that he may obtain a time-sharing schedule to have a meaningful relationship with his child. A mother may need to establish a father’s paternity in order to obtain a financial contribution for her child through the establishment of a court order requiring child support.

As an experienced litigator in paternity proceedings, I can help you with all of the issues involving your paternity case including:

  • Time-sharing / Parenting Plan
  • Child Custody & Parental Responsibility
  • Child Support
  • Parental Relocation

Whether you are a father or mother looking to obtain your legal rights as a parent, we can schedule an office consultation to talk about all aspects of your case. I will explain to you how the family court process works, and how I will help you get the best result possible in your paternity case.

Paternity | Free Consultation

If you are needing guidance in getting the best environment and conditions, seeking solutions in your child’s best interest, call me, Edward Lopez Attorney at Law, at 954-241-1212, or send me an email to schedule an appointment. I will review and discuss all the issues involving your case to get you the best result possible in your paternity case.

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